Avoid Mistakes In Texting Girls

When you are texting girls make sure that you start by greeting her first. In this way, usually, the date will be more open, than if you start the chat directly to the point you want to discuss. After your crush reply, then you start the conversation. But many men start to make mistakes in this step, so make sure you are not by using simple language. Use language and writing that are easy to understand after your crush answers the chat you are sending. You can ask whether she is busy or not, if she answers no, then you can continue the discussion that you have previously planned.

Discussing fun things could be a great conversation starter. Talk about something fun and your crush understands. You can ask questions that your crush is good at, provided you have researched them beforehand, so you know a little about these things. When you have reached the point of an exciting discussion, say if you are interested to know it and want to explore it. This will make your crush want to talk with you for a long time. You also need to avoid stale questions like what is she doing right now or did she had lunch or not. Turn this stale question into more interesting date potential. You could start asking what is she doing right now and ask her to spend her day with you watching movies, grab a coffee or anything else.

If you have fun and exciting texting activities, you should not do it every day and every time, but still, keep the intensity. Making your crush miss your chat is not a problem. If you are already at this stage, you can start the conversation by sharing your activities that day and asking for her opinion or asking about her activities. Exchange of ideas can be a fun discussion to do and can get to know each other deeper. However, you must remember, even when discussing, your chat should not be too serious, you must stay relaxed and flexible.