What Is a Motorcycle lift?

Two-wheeled motorized vehicle lifting machine is a device used to lift a motorcycle with a specified maximum load of 150 kg. The height of the lifting table at a minimum position of 150 mm and a maximum height of 710 mm, this lifting equipment is intended to get the ideal position of the motorcycle engine so as to facilitate a mechanic in performing service and maintenance. Technology still plays an important role in heading to the take-off era as it is today, and we are required to be able to display a product that is feasible and can be accounted for, especially for entrepreneurs and motorcycle washers. When viewed from the type of power used, the method used by a motorcycle lift tool can be divided into two ways, they are:

1. Manual way (human power).

2. Automatic way.

For each of the above sources of power is done in several ways, they are:

1. Utilizing Human Power (manual power).

– Lever with a lever.

– Hydraulic jack (manual).

– Propped up by wooden beams.

2. Utilizing fluid mechanics (automatic).

– Utilizing the power of liquid/oil (hydraulic).

– Utilizing the power of air substances/compressors (pneumatic).

Every way to lift two-wheeled motorcycles has advantages and disadvantages. Each of the different capacities and other limitations will be discussed briefly with ways to find out the process of raising a motorcycle so that it is hoped that an overview and consideration can be obtained to choose a planned two-wheeled vehicle lifting equipment.

Lifting With Human Power (Manual Power).

Utilizing human power to lift two-wheeled motorcycles is also done by using tools that have been specifically designed to facilitate the workmanship. The advantage of utilizing human power does not require energy costs, such as electricity and fuel energy.

Lifting With The Lever

How to lever with a lever is generally done when the process will raise two-wheeled motorcycles its rear part, and it will be clamped on each side, and it will be swung with the tool’s arm until it reaches the straight position.

The manufacture of this tool is specifically designed for two-wheeled motor vehicles that are used to lift or as a substitute for the middle standard, this tool consists of a lever made of iron pipes ranging in size of approximately 5 mm and a rolling wheel.