The Experience Of Visiting A Famous Magic Shop

After seeing the gold coast magician, you might remember the story of four of the world’s best magicians who are members of The Four Horsemen, among others, highlighting the oldest magic shop in the world. The location taken to enrich the film’s sequel to the theme of magic that was launched in 2016 is an old magic shop in Macau, a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. In the film, the magicians of The Four Horsemen get new equipment from the world’s oldest magic shop, Long, owned by Tsai Chin and his grandson Li (Jay Chou).

Although the film is a fictional story, the existence of Iong’s magic shop in Macao is very real. The magic equipment shop has been operating for more than 30 years. The small shop owned by a magician based in Hong Kong, Raymond Long, was founded in 1986 or is 31 years old.

Among others, Long has a reputation as the President of the Macao Magic Artists’ Union, the United States Magicians Council Union 288, the Vice President of the International Magicians’ Ring 311, and the Director of the Asian Magicians’ Association.

When visiting the place we were immediately welcomed by one of the store staff. And with the help of a translator as well as a guide, the store staff showed their abilities. He opened the chest of magic equipment and began to act. He showed three cards arranged consecutively namely nine, 10, and Jack of spades.

He then asked one to look for the position of 10 cards without shaking the three cards. “Yes, it must be a middle card,” said one reporter while pointing to the middle card.

The designated card is then drawn and placed on a table covered in red cloth. When the card is flipped, it turns out it was the red joker card.

Apparently, this trick for magic is very simple and does not involve anything supernatural-scented. It turns out, of the three cards shown, 10 cards are alias cards not intact. Cut the card to trick the audience’s perception that there are 10 cards that are intact. In fact, behind the cards that appear, the red Joker card is hidden.