You Must Know About These 3 Important Stages In TV Ad Productions

A synopsis is a form of a summary of the story that contains the outline of the story, the peaks of dramatic events and the main characters. Synopsis for television advertising how many things should be contained such as the content of the story, the desires, and goals of the story, conflict and how to respond. The role of Synopsis is very important before the complete storyline is written. Aside from that, if you want to hire professionals who can improve your OTT advertising campaign, we suggest you hire some of the most skilled ott advertising companies.

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After the synopsis is complete, the fish production process enters the storyline-making stage. The storyline is the development of the storyline of a synopsis, which contains a detailed but quite solid plot.

The purpose of making a storyline is to make a sketch of a dramatic construction arrangement, in the form of this sketch we can easily move the location of the sequence of events to be really precise.

Making a storyline can consist of several sequences or rounds, each sequence contains a single event, even to the explanation per scene, here the importance is the flow.

After the storyline is finished, the television ad production process enters the storyboarding stage. A storyboard is a sequence of pictures that explains the details of taking scene by scene. Usually, scenes are taken as a comic format.

In making a storyboard there are no demands on how great you can draw, but more importantly, you can understand and translate each scene.

With Storyboard television, ad makers can make observations more real than just verbal expressions in explaining the concept of visual images.

The images displayed can be in the form of products offered, rang drawings, cartoons, and other scenes according to the course of the story contained in the script.

Storyboards for television commercials are a little different from the multimedia presentations or website storyboards. Storyboard for Television commercials. Usually consists of 8 to 50 images