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Better Than Chocolate is a movie about bouldering in Switzerland.

"Why Switzerland? The answer is pretty simple. Fontainebleau aside, it probably has the largest concentration of bouldering areas in Europe and arguably the best gneiss rock anywhere. Also It is the land of many historical ascents including first 8B, 8B+ and 8C (Fred Nicole). If you think Swiss chocolate is good, taste the boulders...

The idea for Better Than Chocolate was to simply remind us that climbing is our way to enjoy life rather than emphasis performance or trying to "look cool". Still, in term of performance, Better Than Chocolate delivers with first ascents and repeats up to 8C boulder.

Starring Michele Caminati, Paul Robinson, Robert Leistner, Julia Winter, Chris Webb Parsons, Anthony Gullsten, Olivier Mignon, Jule Wurm, Anton Johansson, Antoine Eydoux and Fred Moix. Guest appearance by Fred Nicole. Shot on location in Magic Wood, Chironico, Cresciano, Brione and many more areas.

This is my first feature film (and also Belgium's first bouldering movie) and it was shot entirely with homemade cinema gear. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as i enjoyed making it."

-Haroun Souirji

Click here to read a DeapPointMag interview about Better Than Chocolate.

Big thanks to I Love Climbing for the support to this project. And to Climb 2 Climb for the continuous support since the beginning.


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Photos credits: #1 Fred Moix, all others Haroun Souirji



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Better Than Chocolate will be presented in gyms and during various festivals. Come back to check this section as dates will be added later. If there is nothing near your place, ask your local gym to contact me or contact me yourself if you want to organize a premiere :-)


  • 8/4 - Eindhoven, THE NETHERLANDS @ MONK Bouldergym
  • 9/4 - Hoboken, BELGIUM @ KLIMZAAL BLOK
  • 30/4 - Chemnitz, GERMANY @ BOULDERLOUNGE - With Robert, Julia and Haroun
  • 1/5 - Berlin, GERMANY @ OSTBLOC - With Julia, Robert and Haroun
  • 9/5 - Goiânia, BRAZIL @ NO DAB
  • 12/5 - Timonium, MD, USA @ Earth Treks Timonium - With Paul Robinson
  • 20/5 - Magic Wood, SWITZERLAND @ BODHI CAMPING - With Haroun and ???
  • 21/5 - Bassano del grappa, ITALY @ FESTIVAL BRENTA - With Michele and Haroun
  • 8/6 - Parma, ITALY @ PARETI SPORTCENTER - With Michele!
  • 27/8 - StAnton am Arlberg, AUSTRIA @ 17th FILMFESTS ST. ANTON
  • 12/11 - Dresden, GERMANY @ 8th BergSichten BERG+OUTDOOR FESTIVAL


Belclimb is the our partner for premieres in Belgium and in the Netherlands.



- Trailer -

1. "Rigid Breakfast" by Maus Haus

- Feature film -

1. "If I Could Feel Again" by Pretty Lights
2. "Autumn Pisces" by Aether
3. "Godhead Omlet" by Noah 23
4. "Lights Out" by Michal Menert
5. "Halfway House Of Aquarius" by Noah 23
6. "Starfall" by Michal Menert
7. "3 AMP Fuse" by Belleruche
8. "Makeshift Sanctuary" by Aether
9. "Soft Vision" by Tropics
10. "It Was" by Aether
11. "To Her" by Aether
12. "Jetstream" by Lusine
13. "High Boom Reef (Michal Menert Remix)" by Michal Menert
14. "Alpha Omega" by Michal Menert
15. "Lemme Tell You Now" by Michal Menert
16. "Bastard" by High Tone
17. "It's All For You" by Michal Menert
18. "She's Long Gone" by The Black Keys
19. "The Ratio" by Michal Menert
20. "Go Meat!" by Joey Defone
21. "Total Fascination" by Pretty Lights
22. "All In Forms" by Bonobo
23. "Kiara" by Bonobo

- Bonus -

1. "Chicken Pox" by Noah 23
2. "Went Away" by Joey Defone
3. "In The Morning" by Michal Menert
4. "Dajame Dormir" by Aether
5. "Forgive Me" by Aether


You'll find here the list of artists that contributed to the soundtrack. I feel sorry that i suck so much at describing these artists but all of them are great and i would recommend that you check all of them ASAP!

Michal Menert: Between big beats, hip hop, sampling and other influences i would not risk myself at categorizing Michal Menert. I'll just say that it's powerful music that will either put a smile on your face, make you shake your head or both. One of the biggest contributor to the movie.

Aether: First heard about this artist in a climbing video from Alex Savage. What a slap in my face. I've been dreaming to feature it on a video project since then. I feel very lucky that this day has come.

Pretty Lights: This one doesn't need any presentation as it's an icon in it's field. Great DJ and creator, famous for kick ass lives and tunes that have been used in many projects.

Maus Haus: I was very lucky to stumble on the page of this band and found the music of the trailer. Great production, killer tracks and albums that work as a whole. Go check them NOW.

Joey Defone: A master at using sampling to create original retro/jazzy/chill atmospheres. Many suprises in his musical choices and i can't wait to hear what is next.

The Black Keys: This is simply one of the very best blues/rock band ever. And it's a pleasure to feature their music on the soundtrack. Their latest album "Brothers" has played A LOT in the car during the shootings and raised a lot of envy among the crew ;-)

Noah23: Genuine American Hop Hop talking about real issues rather than Bentleys. Great beats, lyrics and flow. Highly recommended.

High Tone: More than a band, High Tone must be part of any real dub lover's CD collection. And dub is only one of the genres they master. High Tone's sound has been an anthem of ski/climbing videos for some time now and has been playing in my speakers for years.

Belleruche: Jazzy catchy sound i was very happy to stumble on. Great vibe.

Bonobo: When you see Bonobo written next to an albums name, you just know you will get quality tunes. Jazzy, chill, powerfull music.

Tropics: An emotional elctro made of soft melodies and percussive noises. Also with a hint of nostalgia. I suck at describing it but you just need to know it's great... and go listen to it.

Lusine: A master of electronic soundscapes. Excellent minimal and electro sound. Very hard to describe but easy for me to enjoy.